Thursday, January 7, 2010

It can be use as a....

They are more than leg warmers for your children!
- keep baby's legs warm  to cold temperatures. (eg: when go for shopping@Shopping complex)
- Come with a pair (sockless)  and not use waistband.

- Use as tights for little girls under a dress
- Keep baby's legs warm during a diaper change, especially useful if they are feeling under the weather and catching a cold.

Just pull up the legging as a knee guard. Keep your crawling baby from getting rug burns
-  Covers baby's leg or hand  from scratching
- The material is light-weight enough to keep baby's legs covered in the sun while still keeping her from overheating.

adults also can use for :-
- as a arm glove while driving to prevent sunburn or while cooking to protect from splatter.

Additional info.
- One size fits most children from birth to age 10.
- suitable for goodies pack for birthday party , baby shower etc..




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